Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Daniel Isn't a Baby Anymore

Birthdays are kind of a whirlwind around here.  Natalie comes first with a birthday in February.  Then it's my turn on March 21.  And two years ago, Daniel made his entrance into the world on March 24.

On Saturday, we celebrated that entrance.  This year, I had big visions for large birthday parties for each of the kiddos, but it didn't really work out for Natalie and so we just gave her a very special day instead.  And we all kind of liked it.  I guess that's our style -- to roll with something smaller and more laid back.  So we decided to do the exact same thing for Daniel.  

We tried to wake him up in the same way as Natalie.  You can check out how that went on her birthday here.  But Daniel wanted none of it.  He greeted the terrible twos in a terribly appropriate way, I'm afraid.  He was in a bad mood from the get-go.  We went in all excited with a birthday sign and he kicked it.  Then we brought Natalie in with his good morning birthday present and he threw it on the ground.  Then we told him to come out of the bedroom when he felt ready to wake up and left the room, leaving the door open.  He cried.  Sigh.  I didn't take pictures of all this, but now I kind of wish that I had.  

A few minutes later I went back in, and tried again, and miraculously, he was ready.  So out we came.  First, we gave him his good morning cupcake:

And his good morning present.  Dave specifically bought him a net and wanted to give that him first so that he could take him fishing for minnows later in the day.  They did this about mid morning, but unfortunately didn't bring the camera, so we don't have any pictures of it :( .  But I heard that it was a huge success, and it must have been, because Daniel has been pretending to catch fish with his net ever since.

I made him a little sign to greet him at "breakfast."  Well, it was kind of breakfast.  We did give him some fruit to go along with his cupcake.

Like father, like son. :)

We decorated the hallway with streamers before waking the kiddos, but they immediately got to work destroying them.  And that was okay.

My mom with Daniel holding his new Simba.

My mother, my sister, and I worked very hard to make the birthday cake.  My sister made the cake, my mom made the cream cheese frosting, and I decorated.... I know, it leaves something to be desired.  I won't go into the cake decorating business anytime soon.  

But Daniel liked it just the same, I think.

And a series of birthday sign pictures.  I was just going to share one, but I really like the whole series, so here it goes:

My sister and brother-in-law bought Daniel a real cowboy hat.  That boy is going to end up with more hats than I have.

My parents bought him a guitar shaped like a dog, which instantly became a favorite:

Dave and I bought him a cowboy gun and holster set, and Daniel immediately got to work trying to put those guns in his pockets.

After dinner, we had cake.  My dad and step mother brought over a cake for me, too, so we had two birthday cakes and two sets of candles to blow out:

Mesmerized by the fire...

I love that boy!

Happy Birthday, Daniel!  We love you so much!!!

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