Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Little Daniel is a Sickie

You know, there are moments as a parent when you realize that this is a very special time.  It's almost surreal -- you're experiencing the moment, but something inside you is telling you to take a mental note of this particular memory, this point in time.  

I had one of those moments this evening. 

My little Daniel is a sickie.  He's been sick a lot lately.  It seems like we go through phases with him -- months of being okay, then weeks of colds and runny noses and sinus infections and ear infections.  

Tonight he was so poor.  After I put Natalie to bed, I took him to the living room with me and we just sat on the couch together.  He was in my lap, facing me, resting his head on my chest.  And he kept saying, "Mommy?" and then I would say something like, "I'm here," and he'd respond, "I'm Daniel." 

We sat there for half an hour together.  I was keeping him up a little later than normal so that I could give him another dose of medicine before putting him down.  Besides, he was so enjoying just being with me, and I was so enjoying having him there.  

Pretty simple, really.  But, boy, will I miss these days when he's much taller than I am.

Feel better baby boy.  Love you.


  1. My first baby boy is 6 foot 3 now...and yes, you will miss these days of being able to pull him into your lap. That is until he can pull you into his lap ;)

    1. :) I know, I'm trying not to wish it away, when I'm in such a hurry to get to an "easier" stage.


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