Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Sweet Valentine

So, yesterday, Valentine's Day, I didn't expect us to do a whole lot.  Dave was on late shift at work, which meant that he wouldn't get off until 8:00 that evening.  My mom, who has been staying with us for part of the week, offered to watch the kiddos (or stay home with them) after we put them to bed (bedtime is at 8:00) so that we could go out for coffee and dessert, and that is what we planned to do (and did do -- which was pretty nice, too).

Dave left early for work, about 45 minutes early.  This didn't cause any alarms to go off, though, because on late shift days, he's often anxious to get in a little early to get started.  So I was very surprised when he walked back in the front door half an hour later and told me to come out on the front porch so that I could see my present.  Yay!   I love surprises!

Here is what I found:

An orange tree!  I am so excited!  We talked about getting an orange tree a few weeks ago to plant in the side of our yard (the sunniest spot) but hadn't gotten one yet.    

Nat Nat keeps coming out on the porch and checking it for oranges; she doesn't quite understand that it's going to take at least a couple of years before we start to get them.  She reminds me of Toad from the Frog and Toad stories.  In the story where Frog gives him some seeds, Toad wants them to grow immediately, so he shouts at them and then decides he's scaring them.  Then he takes a different approach and starts to read to them and keep them company at night.  Anyway.... I love the Frog and Toad stories.  And I love my valentine.  :)

And, for fun, a little but of randomness:

Watching the TV after bath time is serious business around our house.  It's their only TV time during the day, and it's very important to them.  Note the cowboy hat.  And Nat Nat's sunglasses.

Natalie put this puzzle together the other day (with a little bit of help) and she was so proud... and so was I.

Daniel wanted a picture with the puzzle, too.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love her smile.

So, that's been our life that last few days.  What's been going on with you guys!

Thanks for reading!

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